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About Us

 James Eagan, 26, has been planning a career in entertainment, making movies, creating animation and writing stories since he was a child. He will not rest until his name is etched on the brain of everyone in America. Look for The James Eagan Film Institute somewhere in the near future. He has a love for films with a great deal of dialogue and focus on the performances of the actors. But he can enjoy a dumb action flick every once and a while. His pet peeves? Bad Comedy. Especially Adam Sandler.

Casey Eagan, 46, is a self-described movie expert, whose experience consists of writing reviews for a small newspaper for an entire summer. He has, however, seen just about every classic film ever made, and would like to consider himself a combination of John Wayne and Cary Grant, although nobody else does.

Julia Eagan, 17, has the energy to watch movies 24 hours a day, if her mama would let her. She can enjoy kids films and more mature films (Nothing too bad) and has a respect for older movies.

Guest Contributor Kaitlyn Eagan, 27, who does stuff too.

Guest Contributor Conor Eagan, 21, is just a dude who plays video games and reviews them whenever. 'Nuff said..